My 2 cents on new seasons… Spoilers… English Text Only

UnknownOnce Upon A Time S3 : Peter Pan is a psycho, Snow White wants to get her hand on Excalibur, Emma is dumb, Charming is dumber… And the whole thing is just BORING !!! I forgot Hook who still want to hook up with Regina/The Queen for some relief time… Yuck !!!

images-1Grey’s Anatomy S10: Too bad aliens are out these days for a good thrill.. Because we DID have every catastrophic cliff hanger possible now ! The actors are tired and willing to kill their characters off.

Unknown-1Criminal Minds S9 : Yahoo !!! At last, a good series getting the line alright through 9 seasons ! Even if the cases are sometimes off the head, it still gets out off your seat.

imagesCastle S6 : So Castle proposed and Beckett said… Well she said… hum, do we actually know what she said ? Let’s get old Castle back to NYC  !!!

images-2Mentalist S6 : Let me be straight with this one : I think Red John is NOT just one person… I think it’s several people together… But the brain behind it ? Maybe Patrick Jane himself ?

images-3Revenge S3 : The plot lost itself somewhere last year but this year, it seems like it’s getting back to its old ways… I can’t wait to see Aidan getting Victoria down !

Oh, and one more thing : You Only Live Once…

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